Programming in Nature

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Programming in Nature

Really. You shouldn’t be here. This place is crazy.

OK. You’ve been warned.

“Programming in Nature” is a “practice” which combines both left-field art and fringe computer science. On the artistic side it takes elements of landscape intervention, photography and “technoshamanic” ritual. From computer science it draws on experimental and esoteric programming languages, physical computing and user-interface design. The aim is to be able to do computer programming away from the traditional office environment, keyboard and screen, and to perform it out-of-doors in a natural landscape of “cerrado”, woodland and riverside.

We invent programing “languages” not made of words but of gestures and assemblages of natural objects which can be interpreted by a computer and compiled into executabe software.

Our first, experimental infrastrucure, uses OpenCV to compile photographs of “wiring diagrams” made of sticks, to a data-flow and concatenative language called QaSaC.